These words by Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham, are worth reflecting on this Holy Week: “Don’t be fooled by the idea that modern science has disproved the resurrection of Jesus.  Modern science has done no such thing. Everybody in the ancient world, just like everybody in the modern world, knew perfectly well that dead people don’t get resurrected.  It didn’t take Copernicus or Newton or Einstein to prove that—just universal observation of universal facts.  Th e Christian belief is not that some people sometimes get raised from the dead, and Jesus happens to be one of them.  It is precisely that people don’t ever get raised from the dead, and that something new has happened in and through Jesus, which has blown a hole through previous observations.  The Christian thus agrees with scientists ancient and modern: yes, dead people don’t rise. But the Christian goes on to say that something new and something different has no occurred in the case of Jesus.  This isn’t because there was a glitch in the cosmos, or something peculiar about Jesus’ biochemistry, but because the God who made the world, and who called Israel to be the bearer of his rescue-operation for the world, was at work in and through Jesus to remake the world. The resurrection was the dramatic launching of his project.”